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As the British Isles are battered by wind and rain, you’ll be overwhelmed with reports of impending disaster. Learn how to keep your house safe from storm damage to alleviate some of your stress.

You may save tens of thousands of pounds in storm damage by avoiding house maintenance misconceptions and following a few simple procedures. Storms can cause extensive damage, and it’s important to know how to fix it. Preparation and understanding what to do when water seeps through your ceiling can save you over $5,000, according to Toolstation’s experts.

How do I File a Claim for Storm Damage Repair?

Get in touch with your insurance company as soon as possible if you notice any damage to your property due to the storms. In an emergency, most insurance companies have 24-hour hotlines that you can call.

If you have an urgent need for repairs, check with your insurer to see if it has the resources to send out an emergency repair team. Even if this isn’t the case, your insurance policy may pay for the service. However, you must notify your insurance of the need for this work and obtain receipts for submission with your claim.

Give your house a thorough assessment and note all the damage as soon as it’s safe to do so. Document the damage by taking pictures and videos. If anything is damaged, don’t just throw it away. Keep as much documentation as you can if your insurer asks for it.

Examine your Roof

Strong winds can cause tiles to fly off roofs, so it’s critical that you thoroughly inspect your own. There should be no loose or damaged roof shingles or bricks surrounding your chimney, so the wind can’t readily fling loose tiles or slates from your roof, advises Hillary’s staff.

‘If you discover anything that doesn’t look quite right, the best course is to have it fixed by a professional. This includes removing any dead leaves and other debris from the gutters on your roof. This can overflow and cause more harm if not adequately managed, especially in the event of flooding from storms.’

Is it Worth Filing a Storm Damage Claim?


There are several variables at play here. It’s also important to consider the cost to address the problem yourself vs your excess amount. Having a claim means you may have to pay more for your next insurance when it comes up for renewal.

You may, however, see an increase in your renewal price if there is a widespread storm occurrence, such as last week’s, where many people file storm damage claims, even if you haven’t. So you may want to make a claim. It would help to compare prices when it is time to renew your contract.

Call Your Roofer to Check Out the Damage

Next, contact your roofing contractor to examine the damage and provide a repair or replacement quotation. Significant storm damage to your roofing system can cause difficulties that are not immediately apparent from the ground.

Watermarks on the ceiling and twisted or missing shingles are some of the more noticeable storm damage indications to look out for. When inspecting the outside of your home, look for signs of deterioration in the roof flashing, wet walls, or other water damage. On the other hand, a professional roofer has the skills and expertise to identify the problem and prescribe the best course of action.

After Storm Damage, Take Safety Measures.

Be cautious to wait until the storm has passed before stepping outside to evaluate the damage to your home’s exterior. Avoid the area and call 911 immediately if you see downed power lines or other electrical risks.

Be aware of potential dangers, especially around your roof, even if the weather is good outside. Look for things like tree limbs, heavy debris, ice dams, and shingles blown off or damaged. Attempting to fix your roof can be dangerous and should be left to the pros.

A Reliable Local Roofer Is Always Best!

You may relieve some of the stress of storm damage repairs and replacements by working with an established, local roofer you know and can trust. Your insurance provider will be pleased to help, and professional roofers don’t charge upfront.

Watch for storm chasers, who prey on vulnerable householders to make a quick buck. If a hurricane has damaged your roof, Texas Traditions in Georgetown, Texas, may be able to help. Roofing is our speciality, so you can rest assured that we’ll check your roof thoroughly and come up with ideas that are both functional and within your price range. You can get a free roof inspection by contacting us right away!